Review of 'The Lord's Prayer' by Rick Warren (Boardbook)

I have to say, I LOVE the design of this book and the illustrations.  The cover design is one of the illustrations from the book and in faint grey writing behind is the Lords prayer as the background.

It opens up straight into The Lord's Prayer with an incredible illustration of a child's hand and an adult sized hand.  Each page has a part of the Lord's prayer on it and then to the side is where Rick adds to that thought.  For example on the first page it says 'Our Father which art in heaven'  and then to the side it says 'God is my Father in heaven who made me.  He will always love me.  He will never leave me, so I will never be lonely. Thank you, God, for loving me!'  I love it because he clarifies each part of it in a way for children to
grasp the concepts.

For me these kind of books are high priority.  Being scripture with application especially for children is precious and I can't get enough of these types of books.

I would highly recommend this book.  The message is fantastic and the artwork is amazing, both of which equal a great package in my mind.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my review, however this review is entirely my own.