Review of "Parenting 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family" By Paul David Tripp

This book caught my attention, as a parent I'll always pick up a book on parenting to see what gems I can get out of it. This one turned out to be packed with great thoughts, challenges, inspirations and encouragements.

I wanted to share some quotes that stuck out to  me throughout the book - however there is so much more in there too!

 "Good parenting, which does what God intends it to do, begins with this radical and humbling recognition that our children don't actually belong to us. Rather.. to the One who created him or her.  Children are God's possession (Ps 127:3) for his purpose.  That means that his plan for parents is that we would be his agents in the lives of these ones that have been formed into his image and entrusted to our care" p14

He goes on to say that every parent needs to recognize that they have been put on earth right here, right now for the express purpose of doing God's will in regards to their children i.e. what God has planned to do through us for our children.

He brings up some hard hitting things, but things that are vital for Godly parents to consider in raising their children.  I really appreciated his candid manner in addressing these challenges we all face.

"Every day is filled with opportunities to point to God, maybe in the fact that water boils, that leaves turn, and that the sun comes up in the morning, or maybe in the power of the storm...God has opened your eyes to his presence and glory so you could help open the eyes of your children" p32

"God hasn't just sent you to do his work in the lives of your children he will use the lives of your children to advance his work in you" p42

"If rules and regulations had the power to change the heart and life of your child, rescuing your child from himself and giving him a heart of submission and faith, Jesus would have never needed to come!" P49  He follows on to say that God's law is good for children because it provides them with the grace of conviction.  The law exposes our hearts. He delves in a lot further regarding this.

"It is vital that you believe and admit that you have no power whatsoever to change your child" p60.  "God has given you authority for the work of change, but has not granted you the power to make that change happen" p61  "In parenting what you are dealing with is way deeper than the need for behavioral change. What you're always dealing with is the need for heart change, and we simply have no power at all to change another person's heart" p61
Paul discusses our identity and where we have it and how many parents put their identity in their children rather than God.  He talks about parenting being a process and also a project in how we view it.  Another chapter deals with the fact that your children are lost and gives points for what lost children need most from us.

"Not all the wrong your children do is a direct rebellion to authority; much of the wrong is the result of a lack of character" p137
"What you do as a parent shouldn't be shaped by the values of the surrounding culture... or shaped by your reaction to how you were parented...or by what you have dreamed your children could become...Your parenting of your children should be shaped by what God says every human being needs." p 165

"Your children must come to learn early that their lives don't belong to them. They must understand early that they have been given life and breath for the purpose of serving the glory of another..."p184

"Parenting is about the willingness to live a life of long-term, intentional repetition.... God has called you to not only parent your children but to lay down your life for them..." p208

I really love this book!  It is refreshingly Biblical and God centered.  It is challenging but encouraging and thought provoking. It reminds us of the importance of the call of parenting from God's perspective.  It spurs us on in the race.  I would highly recommend this book.  It would work well for a Book club type study too.

You can find this book on Amazon here

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  1. Sounds like an awesome read. I love to find books like this since, as we all know, our children don't come with an instruction manual.

  2. Congratulations Alisha! You were randomly selected! Thank you both for entering!!


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