Review of "The Pursuit Of God" by A.W.Tozer

Great book! Considered one of the classics! I really like this new edition put out by Moody Publishers.  The cover design is really attractive and the book layout is really nice.  As the title suggests this book is about the pursuit of God. It's about coming back to a place of stillness before God, valuing holiness and putting God first.

The Contents reads as:
1. Following hard after God
2. The blessedness of possessing nothing
3. Removing the veil
4. Apprehending God
5. The universal presence
6. The Speaking Voice
7. The Gaze of the soul
8. Restoring the creator-creature relation
9. Meekness and Rest
10. The sacrament of living

Here are some quotes I found inspiring to give you a taste.

"Believing, then, is directing the heart's attention to Jesus.  It is lifting the mind to "Behold the Lamb of God" (John 1:29), and never ceasing that beholding for the rest of our lives..." p94

"We owe him every honor that is in our power to give him" p 106

"The world of sense intrudes upon our attention day and night for the whole of our lifetime.  It is clamorous, insistent and self demonstrating. It does not appeal to our faith, it is here, assauting our five senses, demanding to be accepted as real and final.... The visible becomes the enemy of the invisible, the temporal, of the eternal. That is the curse inherited by every member of Adam's tragic race" p61-62

This book is really a must read for every christian.  It challenges, encourages and inspires us to seek God. To seek the depths, to go the extra mile to really know Him.  I love it and I'd recommend it highly.

Please note that I was given this book in exchange for a review however this review is entirely my own.