Review of 'NIV Journal The Word Bible' By Zondervan

This Bible has a really beautiful cloth type cover on it - really pretty!  The pages are a light cream color, rather than the usual white, which looks really attractive also. The pages are laid out in one column per page and down the side is a lined space for journalling in. The layout of the text is very clear and easy to read. The text size may be slightly smaller than usual?

This Bible is purely set up for the journalling aspect.  If you are after a concordance or maps and the usual bits like that - they are not included in this Bible.  It starts with a Table of Contents, Preface and then right into Genesis.

If you like to write notes and thoughts next to
verses - this Bible is perfect for you as it provides the space and the lines.  The lines are pale enough that if you feel creative and want to do more artistic work, that they wouldn't draw away from it.  The paper quality is very nice too and would hold up to pens.

I think this is a great Bible!  And I just can't get my eyes off that beautiful floral cloth cover - it really is beautiful in real life!  I would recommend it for anyone who loves journalling and being artistic to express themselves.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this Bible for purposes of review, however the opinions expressed are entirely my own.