Review of 'Where Does Love Hide' by Mary Manz Simon

 This is a cute little board book. I love the bright, simple colors and illustrations - very effective. Basically the story is asking 'where does love hide' in different scenarios you face in life - and shows how you can show love in each situation.  It only has 6 scenarios, which was disappointing in a sense as I would have loved more.  There is also a page wasted at the beginning when you first open the book it is a spread with no content as all except for a bit of illustration - wish they had done one more using that spread.  Then the next spread is copyright on one side and a dedication on the other. Then you get into the story.  I wish they could have put the copyright and dedication on the back of the cover and got
straight into the story with two more scenarios.

Anyway onto the story itself. I am very impressed with the content of the messages in this book.  Things like:
"Where does love hide?  Behind the door until... I unpack groceries.  'Do whatever you can to help' Deut 22:3"
I love how it's encouraging children to think about others and their needs.  By making the story about common things that little children face on a day to day basis - it teaches them to think about others too. Great messages.  The scriptures chosen tie in well too.

I really do like this book. My only complaint, as mentioned above, is all the pages in the beginning which seem wasted. Not common for board books to have all that - maybe a paperback book, but not a board book.   I would still recommend it getting past that.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review, however all opinions expressed are my own.