Review of 'Unlock Your Dream' by Philip Wagner

 Having heard of Holly Wagner and read her books, I was interested in this one by her husband.  Basically it is a book about how we need to dream our dreams - that God has big dreams for us and we need to trust Him.  Philip relates many experiences from his own life - challenges, obstacles, adventures.  His writing style is very relatable and easy to read

At the end of the book he has included discussion questions for each chapter also, which would be great if you are reading this book in a group setting.

While I like this book, for me it wasn't anything new.  I have read a lot of christian books through the years around this topic.  This topic is always inspiring, however, and a great introduction to the concept of God given dreams.

Please note that I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my review - however all opinions expressed are my own.