Review of 'Hope For Each Day - 365 devotionals for kids' by Billy Graham

As I fully expected, I LOVE this devotional.   It has depth, it has completely child friendly and relevant topics and themes - I enjoyed reading it as an adult.  The lessons are timeless and really for all in many ways.

Each page is labelled as the month and the date, so it works for any year. Each month has it's only section cover page.   Each devotional has a scripture and then a thought.  It does have a ribbon attached so you can keep your place easily. At the back it has a Reading Plan called '30 days with Jesus' and the child can put a tick each time they read the section.  Following that is a couple of lined pages for 'journalling'

I like the style it is written in, it is very relatable. He draws from common things in children's lives and weaves lessons around them. They are simple but really effective.

This is a great devotional full of wisdom, written by a great man of God.  I'm excited to share this with my children and highly recommend it for all families!

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review, however all opinions expressed are entirely my own.