Review of 'The NIV Investigator's Holy Bible' by Zonderkidz

 Well to review this one - starting at first impressions - this Bible has a really great cover design.  It has a metallic element to the whole color tinting which looks really effective.    It opens up to a 'presented to' page with 'to' 'by' and 'on' lines to be filled in. From there a few pages over is the Table of Contents and then an introduction showing how to use the Bible and what all the sections included are. Following that is a preface and then a cover page introducing the Old Testament.

The first page of Genesis has an illustration and then is titled 'The Evidence'. It discusses who wrote it? How long ago? What's it about and The Best part. Most pages throughout the Bible have illustrated boxes with further information. The illustrated boxes could be any combination of the follows: (Summaries taken from the Bible back cover)

The Evidence: what kind of book it is, who wrote it, what happens and the best part as mentioned above.

Breakthrough: answers questions like 'who were the Philistines?' and  'what is the spirit of God?'

The Scene: highlights geographical information pertinent to the verse

The Witnesses: explains meaning and history behind biblical names

Check the Facts: Quizzes on what they have learned

Case Closed: relates events of that book to children as individuals.

The two characters leading the investigation are a boy and a girl, so both boys and girls can engage in this.  The age range is 6-10 - though I would say it is for closer to 9 and 10 to get the best out of this.

This is a great Bible!  I would definitely recommend it.  It has a lot of interest factors to help make it relatable for children - which is important.  I have included quite a few photos to give you an idea more of it below.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review, however this review is entirely my own.