Review of 'Your Magnificent Chooser' by John Ortberg. Illustrated by Robert Dunn.

 What a great book - I am so impressed!  I've been a fan of John Ortberg's adult books in the past and was interested in this new picture book for children written by him.  Not only are the illustrations just beautiful, but the story is really really good!  The style of writing reminded me of Dr Seuss - the rhyming, for example:

"There are wonderful things
That your Chooser can do.
For your Chooser, you see,
Is what makes you just YOU."

The story is about our freedom of choice and how each of us can choose what we want to do in each situation.  We get to decide which way we will go or if we want to or not.  He goes on to say that we need to use our 'chooser' the way Jesus would want us to use it.

I haven't seen a book about this before and I am really glad he wrote this.  It's an important aspect of life to focus on - even for adults.  It is good to remember that we are in control of our 'chooser' at all times.  His website also provides free downloadable resources to go along with this. Things like scripture memory cards, crafts, coloring pages etc.  This would be a great book for teachers of younger children to use also - there is a lot of space for creativity.  It's one of those books with a real valuable life lesson in it and for that reason I'd say it should be on every bookshelf.

In summary - it's a gorgeous book and I definitely recommend it. 

Please note that Tyndale Publishing House sent me a copy of this book for purposes of review, however the opinions expressed are entirely my own.