Review of 'How To Pack Travel Smart for Any Trip' by Hitha Palepu

This cute little book is appealing to pick up - itself looking like a fancy piece of luggage with the title in the luggage tag. It opens up, following the same theme with a box saying 'in case of loss, please return to....'  as you would have in luggage also.  As a seasoned traveller for many years, I was intrigued as to what she would say. My type of travel was not business like hers however.

She starts off with finding your packing personality - which, to be honest, I found a bit lame and like it was just a filler for the book.  A lot of the book, to me, felt like filler - but then again a whole book on how to pack for some trips is a stretch.  The Packing Timeline is fairly useful to help people feel organized over a period of seven days before leaving.  She talks about the types of clothing you need and what to consider and planning outfits ahead. She provides removable packing lists at the back of the book.

The whole book seems a light touch on the whole topic - but
would be helpful for someone who travelled a lot for business as she did. Hitha mentioned at one point she was traveling three weeks of every month.  Her tips are definitely helpful in this context.  For me, not a lot of it was new.  I hadn't heard about the TSA thing she mentioned where people can skip the security lines before boarding.  Also the option of ordering a vegetarian meal/vegan is a good idea as it's healthier and you get served first - something else I'll take away from the book.  Aside from those two things, for me at least, there wasn't much else that was overly new.  Much of my travel has been 12 hour plus flights so the idea of the inflight spa type stuff - where she talks about beauty lotions and hydrating skin care for in flight as a treat, is something I've done for years.

On the whole - would I recommend it?  I would only recommend it if you are new to travel and are female and have to travel a lot for business.  This would be great for that particular niche.  For others, you may get tidbits from it. It does discuss the value of different types of carry-on cases etc so there is lots of basic stuff that would be good for newbies.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my review, however the opinions expressed are entirely my own.