Review of 'The Simplest Way to Change The World - Biblical Hospitality as a way of life' By Dustin Willis and Brandon Clements

This is one great book!  The topic of hospitality is one very close to my heart, having read many of Sally Clarkson's books - also a big topic for her.  I was most impressed that this book was written by two guys as well, both pastors and friends.  Together they present compelling information, which is very Biblical on why we should all be incorporating this into our lives and reaching out to those around us and sharing our lives.

They include real life testimonies of experiences they have had on their own personal adventures into hospitality. Their manner is candid, and style of writing between them is easy to read and relatable.  It's a quick read but one that is important  and I really hope this information they are sharing gets out and spreads through the church like a revolution.  It truly would be a revolution if people started doing this.

They touch on what hospitality is, that it is required of us by God, how to look for opportunities, how to share the gospel.  There are plenty of ideas of ways you can practice hospitality from book clubs to sport watching tv nights.  For me, though, the thing I walk away with were the vivid examples of lives changed as a result.  We just don't know how much practicing hospitality can change the life or another person - by welcoming them and listening to them and accepting them.  In a world of isolation, people are crying out to be heard, to be welcomed and not alone.

The scriptures are all there.  It truly is the simplest way to change the world as the title suggests.  I highly recommend this one... it's a really great book and I hope more come out along these lines.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review, however the opinions expressed are entirely my own.