Review of "Momentum - Pursuing God's Blessings Through The Beatitudes" by Colin S Smith

 I don't think I've ever come across a book on the Beatitudes before, so this one really caught my attention.  I love when someone has some new insight into scripture and this book really brings that.  I really think this book is really key to ushering in a new wave of revival in this nation because it focuses once more on holiness.   Holiness coming through true humility, meekness, purity of heart etc.

This book is really easy to read. The writer comes across really well and provides really Biblically sound teaching - much of it cross referenced not only with scripture, but with greats from the past like Spurgeon.  I found it very insightful - especially the Biblical cross referencing. It's the type of thing I wished I had time to do but here he does it for you.

It really is a priority/ mind shift that goes against popular cultural thinking of what happiness really is and how to get it.  God's ways are always unconventional and yet always reap the greatest rewards that you have to take notice.

He talks about how we need to approach God with empty hands - with the attitude that we deserve nothing and that God is everything. We bring nothing but God will fill us.  He moves through each other beatitudes in this way providing a fresh relevant look at what this really means for our lives.  The Contents are titled:

1. I Bring Nothing
2. I  Take Ownership
3. I Give Up Control
4. I Long to be Righteousness
5. I Care About Others
6. I Go After One Thing
7. I Give Up My Rights
8. I Endure the Cost.

This book is very refreshing, bringing us back to the core of all we believe. Bringing us back to the words of Jesus which lay out the path for us to follow.  Not the conventional path, but His path.  About putting ourselves aside, our comforts, our culture to find Him.    For it is in that place that we can find true happiness.

I highly recommend this book. I love it!  

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review, however the opinions expressed are entirely my own.