Review of 'The Seven Money Types' by Tommy Brown

This book's titled really caught my attention from the start. Here's something I've not heard of before - the idea of money 'types'.  The content really delivers too - I found this book really interesting and a fresh perspective on my own money 'type' along with others.

The book I have is a paperback. The cover design is great - simple but really effective. I love the contemporary feel it has. The book opens to several pages of impressive recommendations for the book from people such as Gary Chapman. Following the contents there are some acknowledgement pages, then the introduction and your into Chapter One.

I was keen to get the the grit of this and he wastes no time taking the reader there. With a title implying we have types, I think it's great not to keep the reader waiting to the end to do the test themselves.  So after some background information on how he got to this you get right into it at page 32-36 completing the tests and figuring out which ones you fit into.

Tommy tells how seven of the main individuals through the Bible all showcase  and highlight unique aspects of God's image.  In this case particularly related to how you deal with money. The types are as follows:

Abraham offers God's hospitality
Isaac demonstrates God's discipline
Jacob reflects God's beauty
Joseph depicts God's connection.
Moses manifests God's endurance.
Aaron embodies God's humility
David influences with God's leadership.

I did the test myself and am pretty happy with the results that came back - I feel they are correct and really helpful.  Each chapter following the test goes into further detail on each money 'type' starting with Abraham. In each chapter he summarizes the basic belief of that type, their core characteristics, their shadow side (meaning areas to watch out for), how to grow, a blessing and scriptures and finally questions for Abraham types to consider.  The questions really are good to help solidify what has just been read and make you think how you can apply it to your own life.  Following that the other types are covered, each having a chapter of it's own.

There is also a chart included in the back (p213) which is a really handy overview of the 7 types too. Also at the end are some prompts for group discussion.  This book would be fun to do in a group too I imagine.

Easy to read, really interesting to relate to.  I enjoyed this book and would recommend it.  It provides understanding and can without doubt help in relationships where couples are different types and always clashing.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my review, however this review is entirely my own.