Review of 'The Woman's Study Bible NKJV' Large Print Full Color Cloth Over Board Edition

 This beautiful edition of the NKJV comes in a matching box to protect it.  On opening the box, I was excited to catch a glimpse of this Bible inside! It is beautiful! With a cloth over board cover design in pink florals with a solid pink spine and pink shiny page edges, this edition is all about femininity!  As a study bible it is quite a hefty size and weight. I was also pleased to see it is a large print edition also - which isn't too big to be obvious at 11pt, but bigger than the standard tiny print. It does have a ribbon marker.

I will attach photos so you can see, but the Bible opens to pink patterned end papers then a 'This Bible Belongs to' page. Following that is a spread about 'The Ketubah Marriage Contract'.  I admit, I am somewhat puzzled as to why they included this in this Bible.  For a start, it is a Jewish tradition. Secondly it explains the Ketubah contract on facing pages, but the contract for the user to fill in isn't really Ketubah from what I understand of what they wrote. Maybe I'm wrong?  This is the only thing in the Bible that I don't like, to be honest.  I feel it alienates certain genre's of women by making this a focal point of the Bible i.e. at the very front.  There are many widows, divorced, single women that this doesn't apply to and as a married woman myself I'm not really even sure why it's there and wish it wasn't. It's not something I'm overly interested in. Perhaps something precious for Jewish women alone? Maybe they were trying to put a new spin on the Marriage page commonly put in Bibles? I don't know.

Following that is Family History Pages, Special Family Moments and My Spiritual Mothers pages.  I think the Family History is ok. The Special Family Moments will get filled up super fast and the spiritual mothers is nice sentimentally, but in practice how many women will be able to fill all of those spaces in.  Aside from your mother and maybe one other?  Yes, so as you have probably gathered by now, I'm not a fan at all of all these extra pages at the beginning. They are unnecessary in my opinion.

There are still a LOT more pages before you get to scripture. There is a Title Page and Copyright page, a page on the contributors, the contents page, a two-page introduction, a 5 page preface, definitions/abbreviations page, and then 4 articles at least two pages each.  Following that comes the 'Old Testament' page.  Even then you are still a way off getting to scripture.  The first page of Genesis contains info on the Title, Author and Date, turning the page to two more pages of set up for Genesis. Then another page with an outline.  Then you get to Genesis 1.  I understand there is more extra content around the scriptures as this is a study bible after all. Turning through reading the book of Genesis, nearly every page has additional content of some kind, whether it be a table, list, a quote etc.

Following Revelation is an Appendix containing info on money and measurements in the Bible. Then Acknowledgements for a few pages, followed by an index, concordance and some maps.

This would be a great Bible for a women wanting a study Bible with notes aimed specifically for women.  It goes into depth with articles by women scholars, providing good background information and further information to assist in understanding the scriptures.  It would make a fantastic gift also as the Box it comes in is very beautiful and like I said above, the Bible itself is so pretty.  It is well laid out and designed throughout.

Aside from my quibbles about the front pages, this is a great Bible and I would recommend it for any woman seeking a great study Bible. This would be it!

Please note that I was sent a copy of this Bible for purposes of review, however the opinions expressed are entirely my own.