Review of Bible Sleuth New Testament Illustrated by Jose Perez Montero

I was excited to get an opportunity to read this book as I've always been a fan of these style of books.   It is quite a large format hard cover book.  The cover reveals the type of illustrations that fill the book.

The character narrating is called Mike and generally he is also on each page spread in the 'to find' bar also.  Each spread is based on a scripture.  There are 14 spreads. There is a panel down the side directing you what you need to find in each spread. Because of the style of the artwork, it makes it more difficult to find, but they are not too hard. Similar colors etc are used which increase the difficulty.  As an adult I found them all in a few minutes per spread on average.  A child would find it more challenging for sure.

I really love this book and would definitely recommend it. Anything that makes scripture fun gets a AAA++++ in my book!

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review, however the opinions expressed are entirely my own.