Review of 'Giving It All Away...And Getting It All Back Again' by David Green

What a great title for a book! Drew me in straight away and read it from cover to cover in one sitting! Wow... I am impressed with this man's faith, with the strength of family, but most of all how God has led Him, and taught Him so many things. These things he then passes on to his children, and then some to us, the reader of this book.  For me the topic of generosity is a hot topic, along with the theme of stewardship - that everything belongs to God and we are just stewards of it.  He gives us life, breath, everything so we can claim nothing is our own as it's all originating from Him.

David shares stories of experiences God has taken him through, and also situations that God has led them through with Hobby Lobby.  I was so excited to read about their absolute dedication to God with Hobby Lobby - to the point of being 100% above reproach in EVERY business dealing they are involved in.  It is just so refreshing to hear. No wonder God is blessing that company.

He divides the book into five parts: 1 - A Radical Way of Living   2 - It's All God's   3 Giving it all away  4 - The legacy of work and family   5 - The eternal legacy that is right now.   The book is easy to read and to relate to. I particularly enjoyed hearing the stories from his childhood that shaped the way he is today. I also enjoyed the scenarios to do with Hobby Lobby a lot. It is exciting to see how God can take something small and make it big.  I also love how despite his great success, David remains on His knees before God - surrendering it all to Him and knowing that it truly belongs to God and not just in lip-service.

I didn't previously know much about Hobby Lobby. I knew it was a Christian business that didn't open on Sunday's but after reading this book, I have even more respect for the company for so many reasons.  I love that they uphold Godly values and that they really run the business on Biblical principles.  I love their attitude of generosity as a business as well as personally. It is revolutionary.

I believe this book is timely on a topic that God is stirring up in the hearts of His people once more.  Our world promotes self and keeping things to yourself, but the kingdom of God is the opposite.  Give and it will be given to you.   I love his personal challenge to try to 'outgive' God.

This is a man (and his wife) that I would personally love to meet one day.

Great book! I definitely recommend this one!

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review, however the opinions expressed are 100% my own.