Review of 'We Stood Upon Stars - Finding God in Lost Places' by Roger W. Thompson

This book really blew me away!  It is so unlike any book I've ever read before! I really enjoyed it a lot.  Roger has a way of weaving experiences, drawing the reader in to experience them with him.  His style of writing is so relatable and easy to read.  This is a really enjoyable, different kind of book. He draws you in and you just can't put it down.  It almost feels like a friend sharing their experiences with you, where you feel you are right there with them. And it's not the normal type of thing you would read about either - well for me anyway,  this was really unique.

Roger has based each chapter on a place relevant to that chapter. The maps are artistically drawn and full of interesting details that he has collected on his journeys or learned from friends - they alone are a real interesting read.  Roger writes with humor and candor,  and is very articulate and warm.

This book is the kind of book you can really relax with and
enjoy. I would highly recommend it for everyone!

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review however the opinions expressed are entirely my own.