Review of 'Almost There' by Bekah DeFelice

This book caught my eye with the phrase on the cover 'Searching for Home in a Life on the Move'.  As someone who has travelled and moved a lot and had a transient life, where I so often feel in limbo, I was interested to hear Bekah's angle on this topic. I haven't really come across other books that deal with this before either.

I read this book cover to cover in an afternoon.  While it was nothing too deep, it was interesting enough to maintain my attention.  Bekah is a military wife, and myself having never known anyone in that lifestyle, it was definitely good to learn about how things are for them.  She had some key insights that I found helpful in my own situation also.

I enjoyed Bekah's style of writing too - creative and
descriptive, some touches of humor here and there, and just easily relatable for me, at least.  I think on the whole I would describe this book as an easy, light and enjoyable read.  More aimed toward females definitely, but there would be some take aways for guys if they filter through.  I wouldn't class this book as a must read however, but it is good.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review, however all opinions expressed are entirely my own.