Review of 'A Layman Looks At The Lord's Prayer' by W.Phillip Keller

I was really intrigued by this book as soon as I noticed it is written by W.Phillip Keller who also wrote 'A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23'.  I read that book years ago and loved it.  It was so insightful viewing it from the shepherd's perspective.  I always love insightful books on scripture and this was very thorough.

Keller has broken The Lord's Prayer down into twelve chapters.  Each one goes into great depth around that particular phrase.  For example: The first chapter is called 'Our Father'.  Keller discusses the change in perception of God from someone remote and distant before Jesus, to someone who wants us to call Him father, and what that really means for us. He delves into the prodigal son to illustrate this.  He is very grounded in scripture throughout and his writing style is very interesting and very thorough.

This is a great book for really meditating on scripture or would be great for those learning to meditate on scripture too.
 Showing how you think around things and break things down and really search for the meaning behind it contextually.

I would definitely recommend this book.  Can't get enough scripture into us I'm thinking!  

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Please note that I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my review, however all opinions expressed are entirely my own.