Review of 'Enjoy! The Gift of Sexual Pleasure For Women' by Joyce J Penner

Joyce and her husband Clifford have worked in counseling particularly in the area of sexuality for years. She starts off with an introduction and then straight into the chapter titled 'enjoy' which talks about things that hinder enjoyment of sex for women, and getting past these things.

She continues into the importance of listening to your body and noticing triggers, hormones and things that affect you.  Communicating preferences, being confident and leading, planning and practicing. You'll see more in the page of contents below.

She has a chapter on 'Pursue Healing' which addresses women with traumatic experiences which affect sexuality. She goes through many things that have caused hurt and offers suggestions where applicable.

While this book has good basic information, I didn't feel it has anything groundbreaking or overly new.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review however all opinions are entirely my own.

You can purchase this book here.