Review of 'Hinds' Feet On High Places - An Engaging Visual Journey' by Hanna Hurnard.

Ooh! I was so excited to find this illustrated version of one of my favorite books!  The cover design itself is a gorgeous piece of art! Running my hands across the cover - the text for the Title is actually raised slightly - just oozing quality!  The illustrators involved in this version are Jill DeHaan and Rachel McNaughton and they have really pulled off something beautiful!

This is a paperback and as I open it, the first page is a title page with a pretty floral design following the theme of the Cover design.  Following that is a contents page, a preface and then into Chapter One. There is a folded over part on the cover that you can use as a bookmark to mark your place too.

The artwork is a combination of photographs, illustrative text and paintings that appear to be watercolor.  There are scriptures throughout featuring on various pages.  Interactively there are sections on certain pages that are Memorial Stones with lines for the reader to write underneath of with what they have gleaned.  There are also other study questions throughout also that tie in with the allegory.

At the end are illustrated scripture coloring pages, and info on Hannah Hurnard and her other writings.

Just to be clear - this is the complete text of Hannah's original writings. They have not omitted any part of it.

This is a really stunning book that I would highly recommend!  Another great gift, especially for those who love this allegory.

You can purchase this book here.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for review, however all opinions expressed are entirely my own.