Review of "Resync Your Life' by Samir Becic

Well, it certainly says all the right things on the cover to draw you in.. '28 days to a stronger, leaner, smarter, happier you.' You open the book to some praise reviews - the first being from the former coach of the Houston Rockets and LA Lakers.  Samir then starts in the preface with a promise to the reader, explains his background - being born in Bosnia, growing up in Germany and getting a green card to move to USA at 24 years old.

He does a brief self assessment to determine current fitness levels to know where to starting his resynch method.  Then he goes into the exercise plan, providing photos to show correct posture in power walking etc.  He also provides partner exercises for those working out with a partner.

The diet aspect is nothing too new.  Starting your day with lemon or lime water is fairly standard in health and exercise books these days. He talks about fats, carbs etc, again nothing new.  He provides 28 resynch lite steps which are things like: set goals, drink water, walk, eat 5 times a day, avoid sweeteners etc. Some things he promotes, among many other things are to eat whole grain bread, wheat bran cereal and yogurt (so this is not gluten or dairy free). He also promotes soy, edamame, and tofu - which is very bad for hormones as they mimic estrogen in the body and mess that up.  For these reasons this is not something that I will try. He provides some recipes.

Samir has a section on boosting brainpower.  In this section he gives facts and information, he provides 28 tips to boost your brainpower - number one being to turn off the tv and number two, to read a novel.

He is linked to Lakewood Church and refers professionally to his training sessions with the people there in various parts of the book.  Samir speaks on how his method will reawaken your spirit because you will feel better and then gives 28 tips to resynch your spirit and uplift your life.  The first one is to build yourself up, the second is to talk to a stranger and the third is to try something new.

He provides the full exercise plan from page 157, four weeks of meal plans and then a 28 day journal at the back for you to fill in.

In summary,  while I am currently looking for a new plan to follow, after reading it all through, this one just doesn't appeal to me.  I read a lot of this type of book and for me, it was too 'textbook' - as in, nothing new really.  I also didn't really feel a connection with him through his writing, or didn't really feel his connection to some of it in the book either. It was like it was just the standard 'fillers' for this type of book.  In saying this,  it does have the usual good advice on many things related to fitness so I'm sure some people out there will connect with this in some way and find it useful.  Just not for me - not the type of thing I'm looking for right now.

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Please note that I was sent this book in exchange for my review, however all opinions expressed are entirely my own.