Review of 'The Masterpiece' by Francine Rivers

I don't often read or review novels - not that I don't enjoy them, because I do. I generally just prioritize other books where I can learn.  Also to read a novel is a commitment of time, so I want to know it's a good book before I invest!  When I saw this new one by Francine Rivers, I knew this author is worth the investment of my time, so I took the plunge!

Francine Rivers wrote one of my all time favorite novels EVER!  'Redeeming Love' a novel based around the story of Hosea.  It was just fantastic.  On receiving this hefty book, I was excited to get started and was not disappointed.  Francine's writing style captures the readers attention from the beginning.  I had my nose in this one for hours  (another reason I can't read novels that much as I get nothing else done as I can't put them down!!!).

Summary?  Excellent, well written book.  Great character
developments.  Great plot line.  Great escapism!  Even with a twist in the end that took me completely by surprise - and I'm glad she added it.  I love how this story paints a story of redemption and a life restored.  Francine is just so talented.  I also have to say how beautiful the cover design on this book is too.  Following the theme of the book and occupation of the protagonist, this painting was by someone similar in some ways to him.  Great choice, Francine!

I love it! I'd definitely recommend it.  Is it as good as 'Redeeming Love' ? - well, not much could come close to that one, but it is still very very good and well worth the investment of time to read.

You can purchase this book here.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review, however all opinions expressed are entirely my own.