Review of 'The Woman's Study Bible NIV Full Color' by Thomas Nelson Hardcover edition

A beautiful edition of the Women's study Bible, this version has over 80 women contributors included, who all come from a variety of cultures, denominations etc. On opening it, noting that the dust cover design is the same as that which is printed on the actual hardcover beneath, it opens to a white blank page and then a 'This Bible Belongs to' page with date.

Following that it has 'The Ketubah Marriage Contract', a Jewish tradition designed primarily for women in a very decorative format.  I've seen that in another of these Bible's and am not overly fussed about it, but others may like it.  The next pages are:

Family History
Special Family Memories
My Spiritual Mothers
Title Page
List of Contributors
Introduction by Dorothy Kelley Patterson
Special Definitions and Abbreviations
Articles  -  (Titles like 'God Cares For Women', 'The Balanced Life', 'What They Left Behind', 'Woman and Children in Biblical Narrative'

Then The Old Testament begins with a title page.  Each chapter of the Bible starts with a title page which has a title explanation, info on the author, date it was written, background, themes, and outline.  These vary in length - usually 3 to 4 pages before the scripture text begins.  Throughout there are little boxes with quotes, charts, articles, footnotes, and maps.

Following Revelation is an Appendix which has tables of weights and measures, acknowledgements, index, concordance and maps.

Note that there is no ribbon marker in this edition.

This is a great book for people wanting to get right in and really study the word. There is a wealth of information provided to really get in depth in your study.  I would definitely recommend this Bible.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this Bible in exchange for my review, which is entirely my own.

You can purchase this Bible here.