Review of 'The Illustrated Word - An Illuminated Bible Coloring Journal' by Ellie Claire

For all you fans of coloring out there: combine this with almost heraldry style/ celtic or as it is also called 'illuminated' style themes around journal pages, and you have a beautiful and inspirational, keepsake book. I've always admired the style of the medieval monks manuscripts - in the book of kells etc.  What they have done with this journal is they have taken 40 illustrations, and recreated them as line drawings to color.  Some pages also have a small sample of the original piece colored so you can get an idea of it.

The journal pages are lined and each page is different. Some spreads may just have a small photo of a piece in the corner, while others will be half lined pages and half a coloring piece.    Some of the coloring pages are just that and others contain scriptures as part of them.  The pages themselves are thicker paper, I would say colored pencils would work the best in here so as not to go through to the next page as markers probably would.

The binding is different than you'll find on most books.  I'm not up on the technicalities of binding but it appears to be a soft bound book with two boards placed on the front and back covers. The spine isn't covered with a hard spine as typically found in books - if that makes sense?  Hard to explain.  In my honest opinion, I don't really like it so much for appearance sake, I wish they had just gone with one or the other, but it is unique and standout because of this.  I have just read that it is what enables the book to be lay flat pages which is important with journalling and a great extra!

This is a really cool idea and would make a beautiful gift! I'm so glad that they have resurrected this style of art, as it deserves more attention for sure!  And how fun to have opportunity to color it yourself.

I would recommend this journal!

You can buy it here.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this journal for purposes of review, however all reviews expressed are entirely my own.