Review of 'The Plant Paradox' by Steven R. Gundry MD

I recently got this book out of the library after stumbling across it on Amazon and reading the reviews. Something about it made it stand out among all the other books claiming to change your life and I'm SO glad I found it and read it.

Steven comes with an impressive list of qualifications and awards to speak on this subject - he is most definitely credible and actually left a very successful position at Loma Linda where he was a heart surgeon, because he saw great results from these findings that he wanted to help people he would normally operate on and every one of them would get better and not need the surgery.

He talks about lectins, which are inbuilt into plants to protect themselves - like pesticides that the plants produce.  Apparently they have even witnessed a plant increasing levels of lectins in a leaf as a caterpillar is munching on the other side of it.  It's how they protect themselves.  The problem is these lectins are problematic for humans too and with produce picked too early and still containing a lot of lectins, as well as a whole lot of other things (I'm really summarizing here) including Genetic modification which adds even more lectins, and we have a real toxic concoction entering our bodies and causing all sorts of auto immune problems.

He brings up the importance of eating seasonally to help avoid lectins.  The we have to consider what what we ate, ate.  So if the chicken is eating lectins, we are getting even more lectins through the meat or even the eggs!  I was shocked also to discover that even with organic eggs, the chickens can be fed soy - which I thought I have been avoiding for years but haven't been because of this.

Vegetables with seeds are in the 'Fruit' category botanically.  The more fruit he removed from patients diets, the healthier they became. That fruit was intended to put fat on us in the summer in preparation for a cold winter to give us energy through. We eat fruit all year round now, so never face the winter our bodies are programmed to prepare for.

Wheatgerm is also one to avoid.  It has a huge weight gaining propensity. Wheat is addictive, like an opiate in your brain. Wheatgerm is a small protein that can pass through the walls of your intestine easier than other lectins. It behaves like insulin pumping sugar into fat cells, interfering with digestion of protein, promoting inflammation, creates antibodies inducing auto immune response, crosses blood brain barrier causing neurological problems. Wheatgerm kills all cells, interferes with replication of DNA, causes hardening of arteries, enables entry of virus's, causes kidney inflammation.  Avoid all whole grain products!

He states that lectin avoidance CURES auto immune disease.

He also talks about other things that disrupt our system like BHT, tBHQ, BPAs, triclosan, phthalates, Azodicarbonamide, teflon, plastics, blue lights, aflatoxins etc.

I am now reading 'Dr Gundry's Diet Evolution' too.  This guy is really on to something and I'm really excited to find more. I'm so glad to find out a lot of this, quite a bit of it just backed up things I've already read elsewhere (such as Type 1 diabetes being linked to A1 milk).  

I would most definitely recommend this for every person on this planet to read and be aware of. In particular anyone who has auto immune problems or diseases. Try this!