Review of "I Am 40 Reasons To Trust God" by Diane Stortz

Aside from the beauty of this in being a hard cover edition, the first thing I noticed or felt was the texture of the cover - the glitter is raised on the front panel only giving a sparkling 3D type effect which looks great! Flicking through this book is colorfully illustrated in Disney style characters and is a hefty size full of great information.

What Stortz has done here is a fresh look on the Bible by going through the Bible but this time each section is purposed to highlight a characteristic of God.  It begins with God as Creator which obviously speaks of Genesis, then goes on to God of Truth which is the fall, God All powerful is the promises of Abraham and on in this way through the Old Testament section and then the New Testament section begins with 'Immanuel' at Jesus' birth through to King Of Kings telling about Jesus return on the white horse from Revelation.  Very creative and impressive and memorable.

Personally I love the spin she has put on the Bible looking at it this way as names are important to God as we see through scripture and the fact that He has so many, it would be well worth acquainting ourself with all of them as it then reminds us in times of trouble that He is indeed Lord of that situation also and speak His name over it.  Not only does it give the names of Jesus it also tells them in I believe it is Hebrew also e.g. El Shaddai.

Each section starts with the name of God then a scripture summing up the concept which may be from any part of the Bible then it focuses in on the scriptures specifically with the story illustrating God's name.  It then goes on to say 'What Does It Mean? and 'Learn More' and 'What Happened Next'  and also a relevant prayer.

This is a great resource and excellent devotional to take children through, also reminding yourself of the all encompassing God we serve.

I'm excited about this book!  Definitely would recommend it!

Please note: Booklook sent me a copy of this book for my review, however this review is entirely my own.