Review of 'Championship Grandfathering - How To Build A Winning Legacy' by Carey Casey

This book is really trying to fill a gap to remind grandparents - in this case, grandfathers of their God given responsibility with their grandchildren.  So often books are focussed on parenting but the grandparents, too, play a vital role in the children's lives and development.

Each chapter he looks at an aspect of being a grandfather and even includes action steps at the end. For example the first chapter he talks of the importance of heritage and legacy and directs the reader to create a family tree going back a few generations.  Then to think about what you want your grandchildren to remember about you.   This kind of thing is really good to stop and ponder - particularly as grandparents who may not feel they have that much influence in their grandchildren's lives.   He also talks about how grandparents provide amazing stability to children's lives also.

As you'll see from the chapter listings he talks about the
importance of grandparents entering their grandchildren's world but also showing them their world and the world grown up in - childhood stories and adventures, bucket list things achieved etc.  He discusses changing their heritage to a Godly Biblical one if necessary and stopping things passing through.  Coaching, modeling and blessing are also dealt with in following chapters.

This is a precious book and would make a great gift for any grandfather. It will inspire them and encourage them and remind them how precious their role is.  It is well written and easy to read. I definitely recommend this one!

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review, however the opinions expressed are entirely my own.